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Grohe bathroom fittings Made in Germany at top prices from formaessence.com worldwide shipping

Established in the industry with high-quality products and implementing innovative technologies Grohe is a global leader in manufacturing premium bathroom and kitchen fittings for contemporary life styles.

Grohe is the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings and a global brand, dedicated to providing innovative sanitary products that enhance user comfort and bring high-class functionality in your bathroom and kitchen.

Grohe technologies are leading the industry to new horizons of innovation and design.

Grohe SilkMove
Silk-smooth Ceramic cartridge that brings high-levels of user comfort and ease of operation, ensuring precise water flow volume and temperature control.

Grohe EcoJoy
Eco-Friendly water-saving technologies are built-in Grohe’s mixers and taps. Grohe water-saving designs ensure the perfect spray with optimal functionality, while actually limiting the water flow by using it with increased efficiency.

Grohe CoolTouch
Grohe’s CoolTouch technology ensures that all metal surfaces are always cool to the touch and safe, preventing uncomfortable experiences of getting burned from hot shower pipes or hot mixers surfaces.

Grohe QuickFix
Grohe QuickFix installation technology makes installing Grohe products easier and saves you time and effort, ensuring best fit.

Grohe TurboStat
Grohe’s TurboStat technology is a high-end thermostatic control technology that reacts within 0.3 seconds to changes in water pressure and re-adjusts water temperature instantly to your pre-set desired temperature. This ensures your perfect showering experience is never interrupted.

Grohe SkinClean
Grohe’s SkinClean feature makes hand-showers and bidet showers more interactive and customizable to the user’s preferences with changing shower heads and jet types.

Grohe StarLight
Brilliant and durable metal shine, thanks to Grohe’s Star Light Chrome finish. The finish ensures perfectly smooth surfaces, resilient to dirt and darkening.

Grohe HygieneClean
Grohe’s HygieneClean combines innovative technologies that ensure perfectly clean and bacteria-resistant surfaces on toilets, bidets and all WC pods.

Grohe PowerFlush
This innovative design technology ensures perfect cleaning of your toilet or any WC pod, every time. With powerful and effective water vortex for the perfect flush.

Grohe DreamSpray
Grohe’s DreamSpray shower technologies make millions of people worldwide enjoy supreme showering experiences every day. The highly-skilled and perfectly implemented combination of design and technology, make Grohe showers a top quality choice.

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